Thursday, January 05, 2012

Nachos Grande Group Break (5 Boxes of Awesome)!

That's right, earlier tonight I announced the sign-ups for my first group break of the new year.  I know there are a bunch of different group breaks around the blog-o-sphere but I'm hoping to fill this thing up in a hurry.  As of the time of my post, there are still 11 slots remaining (each slot is one team of your choice, one random team).  Here's a glimpse at one of the boxes we'll be get the rest of the information (and to sign up), go to the sign up page!
 Wouldn't you hate to be the person who sat out this break if we pull a Nolan Ryan autograph relic card?!  Sign up now (for less than the cost of a blaster of some random Bowman product too)!


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