Thursday, March 15, 2012

Group Break 3: Four Packs of 2003 Donruss Studio (w/ a Hit!)

The 2003 Donruss Studio box has been decent so far - but after these four packs it'll get a bit better for a few teams!

Pack 11:
20.  Frank Thomas - White Sox
76.  Jamie Moyer - Mariners
78.  Kazuhiro Sasaki - Mariners
121.  Larry Walker - Rockies
192.  Barry Zito & Tim Hudson - Athletics
SS-39.  Studio Stars:  Craig Biggio - Astros

The Astros land one of the Studio Stars cards - and since I have the Astros, I would be willing to trade this card for something a bit more aligned with my collecting tastes and goals.

Pack 12: 
25.  C. C. Sabathia - Indians
58.  Brandon Claussen - Yankees
73.  Edgar Martinez - Mariners
157.  Roger Cedeno - Mets
185.  Albert Pujols - Cardinals

188.  Matt Morris - Cardinals

It's hard to argue with a pack that has a Pujols (especially now that he's out of the Reds' division)!  Pack 12 was certainly a nice pack for the Cardinals.

Pack 13: 
32.  Brian Tallet - Indians
56.  Derek Jeter - Yankees
108.  Michael Hessman - Braves
133.  Roy Oswalt - Astros
143.  Bill Hall - Brewers
Studio Proof:  85.  Hank Blalock - Rangers #088/100

Artist Proof:  MS-23.  Pat Burrell - Phillies #36/50

Woah, what a pack that was!  In all of my life, I believe I've only ever pulled two dual relics - and both were for group breaks (neither of which went to my by the way).  Congrats to Brad who had the Phillies this time around.  The Hank Blalock Studio Proof card is also kind of nice - and a big congrats to DutchCardGuy who scooped up the Rangers at the last second (clearly a pretty good move at this point)!

Pack 14:
46.  Cristian Guzman - Twins
72.  Chris Snelling - Mariners
85.  Hank Blalock - Rangers
137.  Kevin Brown - Dodgers

159.  Prentice Redman - Mets
160.  Bobby Abreu - Phillies

After the last pack, I was expecting a letdown.  However, when the best card in the pack is a Kevin Brown card, you know you just found a crappy pack...  Even so, one lousy pack doesn't ruin the nice little run we've been on in the break...stay tuned for more packs coming up soon!


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