Thursday, March 15, 2012

Group Break 3: SportsClix - 4 Boxes worth of figures (12 total)!

The SportsClix idea was a bad idea on two accounts...first, the interest didn't seem to be there (which sucks since I bought a case thinking I could use the rest of the figures for a future break).  Second, I can't scan the figures so I have to use my digital camera to take photos - and uploading the photos takes forever on Blogger.

As such, I've decided to open 4 of the remaining 7 boxes of figures right now in order to finish up this portion of the group break as soon as possible.

Box 6:

Marlon Byrd - Phillies
Troy Glaus - Angels
Derek Lowe - Red Sox

Box 7:

Chipper Jones - Braves
Aramis Ramirez - Cubs
Vernon Wells - Blue Jays

The Wells figure came with a broken bat.  However, the bat piece was lurking at the bottom of the box so I will include the tiny little bat with the figure - maybe NYHitman will take the time to superglue the bat back in place?  The good news is that that was the second Vernon Wells for the break - so at least one of the two was in good condition!

Box 8:

 Michael Young - Rangers
D'Angelo Jimenez - Reds
Kevin Brown - Dodgers

Box 9: 

 Roger Clemens - Yankees
Kevin Millwood - Phillies
Carlos Beltran - Royals


Dan said...

I just wanted to point out to you that there are shortprints in this figure set (i'm not sure of the odds), so the numbers do matter. I think if it's A or N 60 or higher, then it's a shortprint....also, ones with blue or red bases are supershortprints....just so you know.

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