Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Group Break 4: 24 Packs in 24 Hours: 2003 Donruss Champions

Are you having fun yet?

Pack 10:
13.  Junior Spivey - Diamondbacks
100.  Jack Morris - Tigers
170.  Brandon Claussen - Yankees
176.  Jorge Posada - Yankees
177.  Mike Mussina - Yankees
196.  Jeremy Giambi - Red Sox
222.  Xavier Nady - Padres
Autograph:  Garrett Atkins - Rockies #196/400

If I had to guess a team that would get an autograph - I don't the Rockies would be a team I'd guess in twenty tries...but lo and behold, the Rockies did indeed land an auto (serially numbered no less).  Congrats to Jaybarkerfan on another nice auto!


jaybarkerfan said...

Sweeeeet! This is why I jump around on teams if I can't get to the Braves in time!

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