Monday, April 23, 2012

Nachos Grande Break #5 in 2012: Official Sign-Ups Are Here!

I know I say each month that this month's group break might be the best ever - but seriously, this one really could be the best one yet!  For Break #5 in 2012, we are busting SEVEN (yes, you read that correctly, SEVEN) boxes of cards.  The total cost for TWO teams (one of your choice, one random is $30.00 - price includes shipping to the US - international buyers may also join but might need to pay a bit more for shipping!).  I need to sell all 15 slots (really only 14 slots as I'll take the Reds as usual).

Please send payment via PayPal to the email address in my profile.  When paying, please pay as "gift" and DO NOT put any other information in the payment. Instead, send me a separate email stating:
1. Your user name you used to sign up for the group break
2. Your email address used for payment
3. The team(s) you claimed.
4. Your mailing address

The boxes:

2002 Playoff Piece of the Game:

The Piece of the Game box contains only six packs - but each pack contains one memorabilia card plus 4 base cards.  According to the box, all cards are 72-point premium quality so even the base cards should be nice!  The base set is made up of 50 commons and 50 sequentially numbered rookie cards.  There are also tons of memorabilia cards (and corresponding parallels).  On average, we should get two numbered memorabilia cards per box - and some of the relics feature patches, names, numbers, and more (again reading that off the side of the box).  I'm looking forward to this box because while it is a bit hit or miss, it makes group breaks fun when there's always that chance of something really cool!

1999 Fleer Brilliants

I thought I finally had a handle on most of Fleer's offerings from the mid-to-late 90s, but then I saw a box of Fleer Brilliants for sale.  I have no idea what the cards look like - but I do know this is a hobby exclusive set. Each box contains 24 packs.  The base set is 175 cards in size - 125 veterans and 50 rookies (seeded 1:2 packs so we ought to land 12 rookies in the box).  There are also three serially numbered parallel sets plus 3 limited edition insert sets - including Pulsars which are seeded 1:400 packs!  Maybe we'll get super lucky and land one of those, that'd be cool!

2003 Fleer Authentix:

Another box of Fleer - I've had pretty good luck with Fleer boxes in previous breaks, what can I say?  This box features 24 packs - and with memorabilia cards seeded 1:8 packs, we ought to land 3 more hits in this box.  There are relics and autographs seeded throughout the set (though the autos are much tougher to find in this set).  There are also Ticket Stub box toppers - though I don't know for sure if every box has one.  And, of course, because it is a Fleer set, there are plenty of parallels (all serially numbered) and insert sets!

2002 Donruss Elite:

The Donruss Elite box (also Hobby exclusive) features 20 packs with 5 cards per pack.  There are Throwback Threads (single and double-swatch jerseys - some autographed), Back 2 Back Jacks (relics with single and double-swatch bat cards), and a Baseball's Elite Set with some autographs.  There are also die-cut parallels and serially numbered parallels of the base set and a few assorted insert sets.  Like the Fleer sets of the late 90s, the early 00s Donruss sets featured lots of cool stuff.  I don't see any stated odds for how many relics/autos to expect but hopefully we get one or two!

1999 Fleer Molten Metal:

You know how I said I thought I knew all about late 90s Fleer?  Well, this break proved me wrong not once, but twice!  The '99 Molten Metal box features 24 packs of cards (6 cards per pack).  Like most of the other boxes in the break, it too is a hobby exclusive.  There are three different card types in the set - 24-pt 100% etched foil cards, real metal cards, and lazer (Fleer's spelling) die-cut cards!  I think the box ought to be a lot of fun to bust - and even more so when you considered there are 5 "distinct collecting levels" - which basically means there are a bunch of serially numbered parallel sets!

2000 Pacific Aurora:

Another hobby box - this one features an unspecified number of cards/packs but based on the weight of the box I'm thinking 24 or 36 packs with 5-8 cards per pack.  It's a pretty heavy box - though not quite as heavy as the Molten Metal box!  The Aurora set features plenty of inserts and parallels along with cool inserts like Dugout View Net-Fusion cards (seeded 1:37 packs) and Pennant Fever Autographs - signed by Tony Gwynn!  If there was ever a time to take a chance on the Padres, this is it!!

And finally, one more box to make seven total!

2002 Fleer Box Score:

The Fleer Box Score Box is another hobby exclusive and features 18 packs (7 cards per pack) plus a supplemental box.  According to the outside of the hobby box, the supplemental boxes all appear to have 40 serially numbered cards in them (?!) plus a memorabilia card.  The overall memorabilia odds are 1:6 packs which means we ought to get 2 or 3 hits in the box to go along with a huge amount of serially numbered goodness!

I hope that's enough to pique your interest!  Seven boxes, plenty of hits, plenty of cards, plenty of inserts, and plenty of parallels - should be a LOT for everyone!  Let's fill the break up quickly, $30.00 per slot - each slot gets you two teams (one of your choice, one random).  Check out the top of the post for all payment details.

The available teams:
Slots remaining:  0 (as of 9:10 PM on 4/26/12)

Arizona Diamondbacks -
Atlanta Braves  - Jaybarkerfan (payment this weekend)
Baltimore Orioles - Pop Startled (payment pending)
Boston Red Sox  - Jon (payment pending)
Chicago White Sox - Brad (PAID)
Chicago Cubs - Tunguska (payment pending)
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande (PAID)
Cleveland Indians - Baseball Dad (PAID)
Colorado Rockies -
Detroit Tigers -
Florida Marlins -
Houston Astros -
Kansas City Royals - Tim (PAID)
Los Angeles Angels -
Los Angeles Dodgers - Stealing Home (PAID)
Milwaukee Brewers -
Minnesota Twins -
New York Mets -
New York Yankees -  roddster (PAID)
Oakland Athletics -
Philadelphia Phillies - Brad (PAID)
Pittsburgh Pirates -
San Diego Padres -
San Francisco Giants - arpsmith (payment pending)
Seattle Mariners - Nachos Grande (PAID)
St. Louis Cardinals - Ike's Cards (PAID)
Tampa Bay Rays -
Texas Rangers - apba66and0 (PAID)
Toronto Blue Jays -
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos -


roddster said...

I'm calling the Yankees (for steve) and I'm going to take his random team Chris. I'll Paypal you the $30

Brad's Blog said...

I'll take the Phillies and a random.. payment coming shortly

FanOfReds said...

Everyone gets a random this time!

roddster said...

It's funny, because I was like "please don't let my random be the Padres", then I saw the chance at a Gwynn auto and I was like... "okay, maybe the Pads wouldn't be so bad"

I'm thinking 2012, I need to put my 1999-2003 thinking cap on!

jaybarkerfan said...

Braves. Email coming

arpsmith said...

I am in for the Giants!

Tunguska said...

Cubs please!!


I'll give the Tribe another try.Could you please save me a wrapper from each box ?

IkesCards said...

Redbirds please

Jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

In for the Red Sox + 1 random

Pop Startled said...

I doubt this will fly, but I want Orioles and Marlins, but if we have to stick with a random, then I will just take the O's. Payment will be this weekend.

Play at the Plate said...

Hey Chris, the supplemental set in the BoxScore is a rookie set, a legends set, or an international players set, if I remember right. I bought a ton of Fleer stuff during this time and I had all three at one time. They are all numbered out of 2499 or 2999 or something like that. On the Authentix, it is a ticket stub, but I don't know if there is one in every box. I still have the one I pulled and it's a stub from one of Mark McGwire's homerun games in the season he broke the record. Mine doesn't have any markings on it to show it came from the box, but it did come in an oversized toploader.

Stealing Home said...

ok - im in for the Dodgers !

apba66and0 said...

I'll take the Rangers - thanks

Tim said...

i'll take the royals please.

FanOfReds said...

Thanks everyone - I've updated the claimed teams accordingly! For Pop Startled (and others), there will be trading allowed for the "random" team so if the Marlins remain unclaimed, perhaps you can trade for them if you don't end up with them from the randomization process!

And a special thanks to Play at the Plate for the information about some of the boxes!

Brad's Blog said...

I'll take the white sox and another random, so only one slot left

Brad's Blog said...

Payments been sent

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