2012 Allen & Ginter Group Break ?

I'm looking a bit ahead in the schedule (mid-July) and figured it would be a lot of fun to do an Allen & Ginter group break.  There are a few different options that I am considering - and that's where your opinions will matter!

Note:  I would need to sell all thirty slots to make this work.  I also plan to only ship one full set of base cards to for each team to save on shipping (this is true for all the options).  Of course, if someone wants all their base duplicates, they could have them for a small shipping surcharge.  You can find a preliminary checklist for the 2012 Allen & Ginter set here.

Option 1:
A full case of Allen & Ginter: 
30 slots (1 slot per team):   $45.00 per slot
All non-baseball hits randomed off beginning with teams that received 0 hits and then teams with 1 hit, then 2 hits, etc.  All non-baseball cards randomed off amongst all participants.

Option 2:
A full case of Allen & Ginter:
15 slots (2 teams per slot):  $85.00 per slot
One team of your choice, one random team.  All non-baseball hits randomed off beginning with teams that received 0 hits and then teams with 1 hit, then 2 hits, etc.  All non-baseball cards randomed off amongst all participants.

Option 3:
A full case of Allen & Ginter:
31 slots (30 team slots plus 1 non-baseball slot):  $39.00 per baseball team slot and $175 for the non-baseball slot 
The non-baseball slot would include all the non-baseball inserts and hits, along with a set of any non-baseball base cards.  This would also include all the non-baseball box toppers!

Personally, I'd like Option 2 to be the option that works - yes the upfront cost is a bit more but everyone saves money in a way by getting a pair of teams, plus the non-baseball hits and cards are all randomized (meaning everyone should walk away with some nice stuff).  It would save me on shipping (only half the envelopes and a bit of a saving on postage).  However, I'm willing to do any of the three options so long as I can fill all the slots.  

I plan to purchase a case for myself as well - my first purchase of any 2012 product!  I am hoping that by ordering two cases (one for me, one for the group break), I might be able to secure a small discount - I've contacted a number of different websites to see if that's true.

Let me know in the comments below which option (or options) you'd be interested in.  Unfortunately, I'll need to be paid BEFORE I order the case(s) - I don't have that kind of money sitting around where I can "float" a loan so to speak.  


  1. If you go with Option 1 I will be in for sure!
    I like option 2, but just can't afford it... I would like to buy a box myself, but would like to have a shot at getting some nice hits of my team and 45 bucks seems like a fair price...

  2. I'd be interested in picking up a team or 2. Ever think about tiered pricing? I'm not real sure with all the non baseball hits what would work exactly but once the checklists are released i'm sure some teams will have more hits chances then others. I'd pay some extra shipping for base cards of teams that i didnt pick so it would make completing a set a possibility.

  3. I'd be interested in option 2 but 1 is also fine if that's in the end the preferred version ! will make sure shipping costs is not a problem.

  4. I would probably do it for Option 1 only. Option 2 is also appealing, but the price is a little too much if all I get is 1 set of base cards for 2 teams.

  5. More interested in 1 but could do 2 if that helps fill the break quicker. Redbirds, fo course!

  6. I agree with Brad - maybe think about pricing out the teams differently?

    It'd be tough to justify doing the teams all at the same price. The Yankees and Red Sox have such an overwhelming majority of the "value" cards in any product released today that it's hard to justify the first Yankee fan to jump in only paying 45 bucks and then teams like the Royals or Padres cost exactly the same. Pricing everything the same is bound to leave those bottom 8-10 teams straggling at the end.


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