Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barry Larkin Collection 128: 1999 Fleer Tradition - Vintage '61 parallel #14

Barry Larkin
Year:  1999
Brand:  Fleer Tradition
Parallel set:  Vintage '61
Card number:  14

The Vintage '61 cards were inserted one-per-hobby pack back in 1999.  The set isn't a full parallel, but rather, only the first 50 cards in the set got a Vintage '61 parallel.  Luckily for me, Barry Larkin was card number 14 and so I am able to have both the Vintage '61 card featured above and his actual base card.

The Vintage '61 card features the same photo as Larkin's regular base card except the photo is cropped quite a bit tighter.  Unfortunately, that means that both sides of Larkin are cut off which results in a slightly strange looking photo.  It's not as noticeable until you compare it with the original...but after comparing it you can't help but think the Vintage '61 card is inferior (at least in terms of the photo).  I kind of like the back of the card though - it holds true to the vintage idea.  The big 'ol trophy holding the card number probably takes the cake as the best single element on the card.


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