What I Bought Instead of a $20.00 Blaster (1800s Edition!)

In the grand scheme of things, $20 isn't a whole lot.  However, for a hobby that seems to encourage constant pack buying, each twenty dollar bill is a way to vote for the products you like.  For the most part, this year's baseball card releases haven't interested me much (besides my binge on Topps Archives).  Although Allen & Ginter isn't out yet (and that DOES interest me), that didn't stop me from acquiring a few more Ginter cards for my collection.

If you didn't pay attention to the post title, you might be expecting me to talk about acquiring some of the modern Allen & Ginter cards that I needed.  Heck, maybe even this Black-Footed Ferret that is residing on my Elusive Eight list.
As it turns out, if you expected that you'd be wrong.  Oh sure, I still want that Black-Footed Ferret but today's addition to my collection are a much older sort of animal cards...

For my twenty bucks (actually, just a hair less than $20.00), I landed a trio of original Allen & Ginter cards from the 1800s.  You may recall that I'm trying to chase one of the sets - the Fish of American Waters - which was the catalyst for the purchase since I reeled in (haha) my ninth fish from the set (out of 50):  The Pickerel.

Since the original Ginter cards are all so interesting to me, I also picked up a couple more since the seller combined shipping costs.  First, I got a Pintail Duck from the Game Birds series.

The Pintail Duck is actually my second Game Bird card (the other being the Kildeer Plover).  I don't have any plans to collect the set but you never know with me...

Finally, my third original Ginter card is from the Quadrupeds set:  Bloodhound.

The Bloodhound card seemed perfect since this year's Ginter set also includes a mini insert set of dogs.

Were the three purchases worth more than what I might have pulled from a blaster?  To me, the answer is unequivocally yes!  Should any of you happen to have any of these old Ginter cards lying around unwanted, let me know!


  1. Three ORIGINAL A&Gs versus a blaster of Topps same ol' recycled junk? Not even remotely a contest. Great pick-up!

  2. Like you I am looking forward to this year's Ginter but I do love your three cards.


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