Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Floating Justice and a Bunting Justice

Can you tell that I'm done with work for the fall semester?  I've been able to start cranking out two or three posts each day for my blog...and even better, for the most part the quality of each post has improved as well!  I hope you are enjoying the "better" blog - I'm sure once school starts back up and I have to start worrying about lesson plans and grading that I'll gradually back off here at the blog.

Enough chit chat though, let's get to another one of the Upper Deck Vintage packs from 2001.

Pack 06:
72.  Jose Mercedes
76.  Delino DeShields
150.  David Justice

I like the bunting pose in the little circle.
158. Denny Neagle
162.  Jeff Bagwell
224.  Matt Williams

This is one of the few Upper Deck sets that features full career statistics!  I guess they really did try to go "retro."
251.  Carl Pavano
266.  Mike Lowell
367.  Phillies rookies (Rollins, Brownson, Taylor)

One of three isn't bad, especially when compared to some of the other teams in the set!
393.  AL Home Run Leaders (Glaus, Thomas, Giambo, Justice, Rodriguez)

Soooo many floating heads!

The good news for me is that this pack didn't hold any duplicates.  Speaking of duplicates, yesterday I posted a Trade Bait page for 2000 Skybox Metal in case you are interested in any of those cards.  Check my archives!


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