Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Holiday Bonanza of Packs

Ok, ok.  I'm hoping I'll have a holiday bonanza of packs to open up.  However, this is a scheduled post as I'll likely be at either my parents' house or my wife's parents' house right now.  However, all is not lost for my loyal blog readers - here's two packs from the 2001 UD Vintage box.  Double the value!

Pack 19:
20.  Jason Isringhausen
69.  Cal Ripken Jr.

90.  Kenny Rogers
114.  Tony Clark
155.  Jose Canseco
182.  B.J. Surhoff
198.  Mark McGwire

263.  San Francisco Giants
271.  Antonio Alfonseca
395.  A.L. RBI Leaders (Martinez, Sweeney, Thomas, Delgado, Giambi)

That was a nice pack in terms of player names - hard to complain about pulling a Cal Ripken Jr. card and a McGwire.  Unfortunately, two of the cards were duplicates from the box, ouch.

Pack 20:
12.  Jason Giambi
25.  Raul Mondesi
49.  Omar Vizquel

89.  Alex Rodriguez
189.  Jeromy Burnitz
215.  Ricky Gutierrez
267.  A.J. Burnett
309.  Brian Giles
358.  Cardinals rookies (Saturria, Stechschulte, Reames)
384.  N.L. Championship Series - Game 5 (Mike Hampton)

This pack was decidedly worse than the previous pack in terms of player names - and I found more duplicates (another two).  I had been avoiding duplicates for quite some time, but oh well...the box now has provided me with eight duplicates - the previous two packs doubled the total number!

PS:  Merry Christmas to everyone!


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