Boring Pack for a Monday Morning

When you open a (budget) box, you hope that there will be at least a few exciting packs.  However, you know there will be some boring packs...and the pack for this morning is one such pack.  You've been warned.

Pack 16:
1.  Tony Gwynn

Honestly, it all goes downhill from here.  Not to mention the Gwynn is a duplicate from the box now.
21.  Chuck Finley
33.  Brian Jordan
102.  Ryan Rupe
130.  Jeromy Burnitz
134.  Jose Rosado
167.  Ben Davis
173.  Marquis Grissom
197.  Rico Brogna
236.  Cole Liniak

The lone bright spot is the short printed prospect card (seeded 1:2 packs).  This is the second Liniak card out of the box, but the first one I found was an Emerald parallel.  I'll be really bummed if I pull two of the same prospect card since I'm entertaining ideas about completing the entire set (including all 50 short printed prospect cards)!


  1. I pulled doubles of a Young Guns SP from one dreadful tin of UD Hockey yesterday. Nothing more frustrating that SP doubles when you struggle to put a base set together. I have some doubles from this set, I will try and help out when you put a list together.


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