Creepy Sosa!

The holidays are rapidly approaching - and with them comes the distinct possibility that I'll get some new baseball cards.  With that said, I should probably keep moving with the my 2001 Upper Deck Vintage box from November!

Pack 11:
25.  Raul Mondesi
56.  Cleveland Indians
89.  Alex Rodriguez

Look at how happy he is to be a Ranger.  
181.  Javier Lopez
194.  Jamey Wright
288.  Trevor Hoffman
319.  Ken Griffey Jr.

The back of Griffey's card says "Griffey is among the best players in the game."  I think that's an understatement given what we now know about most of the players from that era!
341.  Angels rookies (Wise, Wooten, Turnbow)
400.  NL Wins Leaders (Glavine, Kile, Johnson, Maddux, Ho Park)

M9.  Matinee Idols:  Sammy Sosa

Another Matinee Idols card for me.  Sosa looks kind of creepy in this photo though.  I don't think I like it!