Sunday, December 02, 2012

Deja Vu, Except Not.

I'm continuing my march through the 2000 Skybox Metal box.  Here's the next pack.  It's a lot like the last pack, except not.

Pack 13:
40.  Albert Belle
43.  Sammy Sosa
63.  Andres Galarraga
75.  Kent Bottenfield
76.  Ken Griffey Jr.

I always appreciate a nice Griffey Jr. card, even if this is a "dubious" Reds card since he's pictured as a Mariner.

104.  John Jaha
165.  Rafael Palmeiro
180.  Shawn Green
5 of 15 F.  Fusion:  Carlos Beltran and Carlos Feebles

It's harder to get excited about a card featuring Royals.  However, I like that Skybox included guys from teams besides the New York's and LA's.

236.  Emerald Prospect Parallel:  Cole Liniak

Another emerald prospect, this is probably the final one for the box based on the odds.

There weren't any duplicates in this pack at least, so my chances of completing the non-short printed base set grow a bit better!


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