Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's the Little Things (like Logos)

With Christmas almost here (and the thoughts of possibly getting some baseball cards dancing in my head), let's keep working our way through my November birthday box (the second birthday box I might add)!  Today's pack is a good one for me - two Reds in it!

Pack 10:
33.  Jose Cruz Jr.
67.  Gil Meche
93.  Trot Nixon
138.  Mike Sirotka
231.  Gary Sheffield

236.  Kevin Brown
323.  Steve Parris

327.  Danny Graves

344.  Tampa Bay rookies (Harper, Kelly, Hall)
370.  Rockies rookies (Carrara, Kalinowski, House)

I really like the little things with the card design such as the tiny team logo on the bottom of the back of the cards.  I didn't even notice the logo for the first couple of packs, but now that I know it is there, I love it!  Every once in a while I miss Upper Deck having a baseball license...but then I remember things like UD Spectrum.


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