The A(dam), B(arry), C(hris)'s of Metal

Welcome back to another pack break - once again we dip into the 2000 Skybox Metal box.

Pack 19:
11.  Chris Singleton
59.  Erubiel Durazo
82.  Wilson Alvarez
89.  Barry Bonds
143.  Jason Kendall
145.  Michael Barrett
155.  Rondell White
159.  Geoff Jenkins
172.  Billy Koch
224.  Prospect:  Adam Kennedy

I have now found eight different prospect short prints (out of a total of 50 in the set).  According to the pack wrapper, the prospect cards are seeded 1:2 packs which means I should still be able to acquire another six prospects before the box is complete.  I got so excited putting the cards from the pack into the big pile of cards from the box (seeing as how there were no duplicates in the pack) that I forgot to put an extra card or two aside to scan!