Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Emerald Rockies

Happy weekend!  I have three packages ready to go out in the mail today, so if you happen to be waiting on me, your mail should be arriving shortly!  Since I have to run to the post office momentarily, let's open another quick pack of 2000 Skybox Metal.

Pack 26:
3.  Johnny Damon
36.  John Smoltz
51.  Dean Palmer
71.  Chad Allen
92.  Larry Walker
141.  Vladimir Guerrero
184.  Tony Batista
189.  Bobby Smith
200.  Mark McGwire

65. Emerald parallel:  Pedro Astacio

Another Emerald parallel.  Does anyone have the Barry Larkin emerald parallel?  That's the one card from the set that I would love to acquire!  


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