Monday, January 07, 2013

A Votto, a Diamond, and a Gold Parallel. (Pack Wars II)

There are only two packs to go out of the repack box that I'm using for the Pack Wars.  I will finish this thing off today!  In other news, today also marks my "back to school" day for the college where I work.  *sigh*  All good things must come to an end eventually.

Pack Wars II - Pack 19:
2011 Topps Update (12 card pack):

This is the final 2011 Topps pack in the repack box.  At this point, I don't have any hope that the pack will be able to score higher than the 19 points that Ginter put up.  However, it's only fair to open up the pack and find out...

US300.  Carl Crawford - Red Sox
Crawford hasn't been all that great as a Red Sox, has he?  Oh well, I don't care.  +1

US28.  Adam Kennedy - Mariners
The concept of the update set is a good one, unfortunately, it stinks that the design is exactly the same as the base set (they should call it series 3 instead, then I'd be happy).  +0

US87.  Clayton Mortensen - Rockies
Apparently I don't know my Rockies.  I've never heard of this guy.  +0

US56.  Ryan Adams - Orioles
I work with a fellow professor named Ryan Adams.  I'm confident the two gentlemen are not the same person.  +1

US155.  Eric Hosmer - Royals

Is a Hosmer rookie worth anything?  Beats me.  +1

US197.  Brandon League - Mariners
League played for the Mariners in 2010...why is he in the 2011 update set?  Dumb.  -2

US71.  Jeff Francis - Royals (Gold parallel #1847/2011)

The gold parallels were much better when they had gold foil serial numbering.  Even so, at least this is a worthy trade bait card - more than I can say for most of the pack's content.  +5

US104.  Logan Forsythe - Padres (Diamond parallel)

The second consecutive parallel in the pack - that seems to be a theme for the Update packs.  I'm working on the regular set's diamond parallels but not updates.  Maybe I can make a swap with someone.  +2

US309.  Paul Konerko - White Sox
I've got nothing against Paul.  +1

US258.  Andre Ethier - Dodgers
I used to kind of root for the Dodgers because so many of my blogging buddies are Dodger fans.  However, now that they've turned into the NL version of the Yankees, they are a lot harder to cheer for.  -2

US22.  Randall Delgado - Braves
Who?  +0

US195.  Joey Votto - Reds

Boo Yah!  Ending the pack on a high note indeed.  Love this card - and I'm fairly certain I didn't own this one yet!  +7

Pack total:  14 points

Not a terrible pack by any means - this is the third pack with a score of exactly 14 points.

Pack Wars II Current Standings:
+19:  2011 Allen & Ginter (6 card pack #1)
+16:  2011 Topps Series 2 (8 card pack)
+15:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #2)
+14:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #1)
+14:  2010 Topps Series 2 (12 card pack #1)
+14:  2011 Topps Update (12 card pack #3)
+12:  2010 Topps Series 2 (12 card pack #2)
+11:  2011 Topps Update (12 card pack #2)
+10:  2008 UD Timeline (6 card pack #1)
+09:  2008 UD Timeline (6 card pack #2)
+07:  2006 Topps Series 2 (6 card pack)
+06:  2011 Topps Update (12 card pack #1)
+05:  2011 Allen & Ginter (6 card pack #2)
+05:  2011 Topps Series 2 (12 card pack #3)
+04:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #4)
+04:  2011 Bowman something (7 card pack)
+02:  1989 Fleer (15 card pack)
-05:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #3)
-16:  2011 Topps Series 2 (12 card pack #2)


hiflew said...

Clayton Mortensen was a long reliever/spot starter for the Rockies in 2010. He was a favorite of mine, but not many other Rockies fans. He was traded to Boston for Scutaro before last season.

Just wanted to FYI ya. Good deed for the day complete.

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