Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Group Break: Verlander Rookie & Serial Matt

The 2006 Fleer Flair Showcase box has 8 packs remaining - included in one of those 8 packs should be an autograph since they are seeded 1 per box.  Will we find the signature in the next pair of packs?  Only one way to find out - let's rip some packs!

Pack 11:
5.  Chuck James - Braves
43.  Brian Giles - Padres
67.  Scott Podsednik - White Sox
102.  Matt Cain - Giants (Field Level Legacy) #005/150

108.  Justin Verlander - Tigers (Field Box)

I don't know which is better - the super shiny Verlander rookie card or the Matt Cain card numbered out of 150?  I'm going to give the pack award to the Giants though because that Cain card is simply awesome - and a pretty blue color!

Pack 12:
13.  Jose Reyes - Mets
65.  David Wright - Mets
78.  Ben Sheets - Brewers
93.  Cody Ross - Reds
HN-26.  Hot Numbers:  Rickie Weeks - Brewers

This is a nice pack for both the Mets and Brewers - but the Brewers get the pack win since they had the Hot Numbers insert card.


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Great verlander card, grats !

Scott Sawyer said...

By far the best Tigers card I've gotten this break.

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