Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Pack Wars: Someone Has to be the Worst...

I posted my 2013 New Year's Resolutions a few days ago - and now that's the second day of 2013, I can say that I'm off to a good start!  Yesterday, I posted the first of what I hope will be around 50 or so new Barry Larkin cards for my Barry Larkin Collection.  I also posted a couple of packs out of the Christmas repack box that I'm using for Pack Wars which leads us to this morning's post...another pack ready to do battle.

Pack Wars II - Pack 08:
2011 Topps - Series 2 (12 cards):

This is the fifth pack of 2011 Topps (and the second from Series 2).  Currently, the other series 2 pack from 2011 (which only had 8 cards in it) holds the second spot in the rankings, a mere three points behind a 2011 Allen & Ginter pack.  Will this pack of 2011 Topps finally manage to topple Ginter?

393.  Jake Arrieta - Orioles
Jake is a "four-pitch guy" according to the back of his card...which is fine until you keep reading:  "when the other three pitches [besides his fastball] become consistent...the sky's the limit."  So basically, he has a fastball and nothing else.  -2

586.  Carlos Lee - Astros
I don't know why I feel compelled to put the team name next to each player's name in my pack write-ups, maybe I am hopeful it will lead to easy trades?  I don't think pulling Astros will help me make easy trades.  -2

415.  Brian McCann - Braves

That's some seriously bright turf that McCann is playing on.  -2 for being fake.

543.  Texas Rangers

Happiness on cardboard if I've ever seen it!  +5 for little kid joy in adults.

471.  Tim Collins - Royals
What's worse than pulling Astros?  Pulling Royals.  -3

553.  Kyle Lohse - Cardinals
Lohse was terrible as a Red (9-17 in two years) and then he went to St. Louis and became some sort of ace.  I hate that.  -5

60 Years of Topps:  74.  Roger Maris - Yankees

I collected the entire 60 Years of Topps set back in 2011 but at this point in time I'd just as soon never see another one of the cards again.  -2

Topps 60:  70.  Chris Carpenter - Cardinals

Carpenter is probably my least favorite current player in all of baseball.  Getting an insert of him doesn't help, in fact, it might make it worse.  -10

607.  Daniel Murphy - Mets
Murphy played in Binghamton back in 2008 (the same year he made his Mets' debut).  I went to school in Binghamton for a semester.  That's good enough for me. +2

463.  Wil Venable - Padres
Sheesh.  Astros, Royals, and Padres.  All I need is a Ray, Marlin, and Athletic and I'll have a player from the six toughest teams to trade away (or so it seems).  -2

364.  Tim Wakefield - Red Sox
I always liked Wakefield, plus the knuckleball is cool.  +5

Pack total:  -16 points

Yikes, not good!  That's the first negative scoring pack of the repack box...and it was a disaster from start to (almost) finish.

Pack Wars II Current Standings:
+19:  2011 Allen & Ginter (6 card pack)
+16:  2011 Topps Series 2 (8 card pack)
+15:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #2)
+14:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #1)
+14:  2010 Topps Series 2 (12 card pack #1)
+10:  2008 UD Timeline (6 card pack)
+06:  2011 Topps Update (12 card pack)
-16:  2011 Topps Series 2 (12 card pack #2)


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Wow, I love these posts, but that last pack was really tough to get through.

We need a rebound pack and bad.

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