Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hitting the One-Third Mark of the 1999 Pacific Aurora Box

This post is pre-written so that I don't have to miss the Survivor premier tonight.  I'm not much into reality shows, but I do happen to love Survivor.  In fact, I recently applied to be on the show...but alas, no one bothered calling me back.  From what I've read online, most of Survivor's casting is done by word of mouth referrals.  I don't think I know anyone in show business so I guess that means I don't have a chance.

On the bright side, I can sit on my couch with an ice cold beverage and a snack and watch the show rather than having to forage for bugs to eat while sleeping on bamboo sticks.

Pack 11:
44.  Sean Casey

64.  Larry Walker
76.  Mark Kotsay
85.  Jeff Conine
108.  Todd Walker
178.  Edgar Martinez

After not having any Reds through the first 9 packs, I now have found three Reds in the past two packs.

Pack 12:
11.  Randy Johnson
41.  Magglio Ordonez
78.  Moises Alou

98.  Jeff Cirillo
190.  Tom Goodwin
Opening Day Issue:  66.  Damion Easley  #03/31

Pacific promises one serial-numbered Opening Day Issue card per box, so I guess this is it for me.  It's nice that the card is numbered out of a rather low's not so nice that no one I know collects Easley.  I would have loved to have pulled the Barry Larkin parallel instead!  Even so, beggars can't be choosers so I'm still happy with the pack...except for one thing.

I pulled two doubles.  My first two doubles of the box (Magglio Ordonez and Tom Goodwin).  I'm still holding out hope that there is a full base set lurking in the box (given the sheer number of cards in the box it was inevitable that I'd pull some duplicates).  For now, I'm going to hold on to the assumption that I'll get a full base set - but any duplicates will be made available for trade.

And with that, we are one-third of the way through the box.  So far, I've managed to avoid "cheating" meaning I haven't opened up a single pack without doing a write-up for the previous pack first.  If you know me at all, that's a big accomplishment.

It's the little things that are worth celebrating, right?


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