I'm So Bright I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

A few days ago, I was contacted by the folks at Firmoo who asked if I wanted to do a review of one of their products.  I hadn't heard of Firmoo.com before, but after a quick look at their website I saw what they were about - cheap eye wear with lots (and lots) of choices!

As a general rule, I'll only do a review of something if A) it's something I actually could use and B) I'm allowed to be totally honest.  As luck would have it, their own email stated that I should provide "Your unbiased and honest likes and dislikes to our products & services."  Furthermore, about a day or so before I received the first email from Firmoo I had told my wife that I really needed to go buy myself a new pair of sunglasses.  Since they want my honesty AND I get a pair of new sunglasses in exchange for a review, I considered this a perfect deal for me!

The ordering process:

In a word - simple.  For the purpose of the review, Firmoo sent a special link with a few different glass frame choices (around 30 or so).  Even with the smaller group of options, the number of choices was a bit overwhelming for a fashion neophyte such as myself.  Luckily, my wife is much, much more fashionable than I am so she helped me pick out a perfect pair.  Once you decide on your frame style, you then have to pick your frame color (at least for most of the frames).  Personally, that extra bit of customization is appreciated - even I know what colors I like!  Finally, you can ask for the glasses to be tinted a certain color in order to make the glasses sunglasses (which is what I wanted since I don't actually wear glasses).

After filling out a short order form (name, address, and the like), I was told my order would be sent shortly.  Within a day or so, I had a tracking number in my email and all I had to do was wait (the glasses are shipped from overseas so there is a bit of a wait).  In my case, the wait was about a week from when I got the tracking number and when the glasses arrived in my mailbox.  All things considered, that's not too bad at all!

The Shipping & Packaging:

As you would expect, shipping something like glasses can be a tricky ordeal.  Luckily, Firmoo was all about quality packing.  It began with a yellow padded envelope.  Tucked inside that was a hard plastic glasses case which held the actual pair of glasses (wrapped in bubble wrap).

Besides the plastic case, Firmoo also threw in a soft glasses holder, a cleaning cloth, and a small tool to help tighten up those little screws that glasses are known for having.  No more need to visit a jeweler to have them tighten your glasses.  They also included three extra rubber nose pieces plus two extra small screws.  All of the extras were included for free - a really nice touch if you ask me.

The only downside to the packaging is that the small screws (and screwdriver) were sent in a plastic bag that had two holes near the top.  It's certainly conceivable that one of the screws would fall out of the plastic bag and be lost for good.  Otherwise, no complaints about packaging - I was impressed!

As I mentioned, the glasses were sent in a hard plastic case (complete with a foam bottom).  I'll be sure to use the hard case for my glasses in the car!

The Glasses:

For some reason, I'm really hard on sunglasses - this will be my fourth pair in about four years...

I usually wear sporty glasses (i.e. cheap ones from Wal*Mart or Target).  That said, a cheap pair at Wal*Mart usually sets me back about $20.  This pair sells for $23.00 on Firmoo.com.

There's absolutely no comparison between the two pairs...and that in itself is enough of a reason for me to stop buying sunglasses at the big box stores!


Overall, I would highly recommend Firmoo.

In fact, I can see myself ordering more pairs of sunglasses from them when I (inevitably) break these glasses.  Luckily, the quality of construction of the pair I picked out seems like they should hold up for awhile...so long as I remember not to wear them while playing softball (and sliding into second base or something).

FREE GLASSES (for you):

As for my readers, good news!  Part of Firmoo's outreach program is the review which I got to do - but for all of you Firmoo is offering FREE GLASSES as well (you only pay shipping).  Firmoo calls it their "First Pair Free" program which allows you to select a pair of glasses, sunglasses, or even goggles and only pay shipping.

If you decide to order, you'll probably find their Virtual Try-On System helpful.  The have a number of different faces so that you can see how your selected eye wear will look.  Even better, you can actually upload an image of your own face and see exactly how the glasses will look on you before you make your selection.  For someone who looks at a page of glasses and thinks to himself "these all look the same"...well, that's a great feature!

Although Firmoo specifically asked me for an unbiased review, it's hard to have anything but praise for the way the transaction transpired.  My only complaint is that the (free) screws they provide could fall out of the plastic bag via the holes punched in the top of the bag.  However, since the screws are totally free, even that feels wrong to actually complain about!