More Listia Wins!

The other day, I posted one of my recent Listia wins (in which you can be part of if you want).  Today, it's time to shed some light on a couple of other Listia wins.

As you probably know, I recently began posting to a third blog - one dedicated to all things LEGO.  Because I don't currently have a budget that allows me buy cards (or LEGO sets) willy-nilly, I've had to search the mess pile otherwise known as Listia for deals that I could afford.  When you are in that mode, beggars can't be choosers.

Case in point, my first win from Listia:

Yep.  A fairy.

It's not any fairy though, it's a LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 8 fairy.  I don't think that makes it much better, but it does make it good enough that I "needed" it for my collection.  It's hard to feel manly spending credits on a fairy but at least it wasn't cash.

The fairy acquisition means that I'm now only missing one more figure from Series 8 (the alien villainess).  Once I manage to track that one down, I'll have three of the nine Collectible Minifigure Series complete.  Not bad for a project that I only recently started.

Next, a much more manly LEGO purchase (if that even makes sense).  Cops 'n Robbers baby!

I like picking up actual LEGO sets from Listia when I can since it gives me fodder for my LEGO blog.  I enjoy building the sets (large or small) and writing reviews is sort of my forte.

As for this set itself, it's still sitting unopened on my desk (and will remain that way until I decide to write a post on my LEGO blog about it).  I think I made out pretty well on the deal though because the set comes with two different minifigures (which are akin to gold to the LEGO community)!  I could probably sell those two and keep the remaining pieces and still make out in the end.

It's deals like that that keep me coming back to Listia.