When the Trade Well Runs Dry

Normally, I try to intersperse my pack break packs with trade posts and other blog related goodies.  Unfortunately for me, trading has crawled to an almost standstill at the moment.  Mostly, I suppose it is because I haven't purchased a single pack of 2013 Topps and that's the trading de jour at the moment.  I am debating about dabbling in Topps Archives this year though, so perhaps I'll be able to work some trades out at that point?  

Anyhow, since my trade options have all but evaporated for the moment, let's rip a few more packs out of the Aurora box.  Who knows, maybe I'll get some trade bait from the packs.

Pack 17:
66.  Damion Easley
97.  Jeromy Burnitz
98.  Jeff Cirillo
112.  Vladimir Guerrero

167.  Rich Aurilia
185.  Aaron Ledesma

Yikes, maybe I shouldn't have wished for trade bait.  Of the six cards in the pack, only four were new to my set.  The two that I already pulled were of Jeromy Burnitz and Jeff Cirillo.  That was actually the third Cirillo card out of the box...if only I knew of more Brewers fans out there of which I could trade with.

Pack 18:
67.  Bob Higginson
96.  Gary Sheffield
99.  Marquis Grissom
182.  Rolando Arrojo
187.  Quinton McCracken
194.  Ivan Rodriguez

I'm slowly gaining on my own complete set - but I'm also gaining on a big stack of duplicates.  Once again, I ended up with two out of six cards being doubles from the box.  This time it was Gary Sheffield (of the Dodgers - trade alert, trade alert!) and Marquis Grissom (another Brewer, boo).

And just in case you thought I was overreacting.  Here's my current stack of trade envelopes that I need to write a post about (usually I'm a good 10 packages or so behind):

Two packages.  That's it.  And then I'm caught up.  For shame!

Yep, if I'm almost caught up (and it's during the school semester), you know something's wrong.  If, by now, I've made you feel guilty (or you'd like me to shut up) you can find lots of trade bait here.