Thursday, March 21, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 13

There aren't a lot of (interesting) pages remaining in the set.  This page houses cards #109 - 117 which run the gamut from riding horses to flying planes!

Page 13:

Best photo:  Lewis & Clark Expedition
Most of the subjects on this page are war related (and thus they all convey the same images).  The Lewis & Clark card manages to convey the sense of mystery and wonder of the expedition while simultaneously showing just how amazing it was that the trip was successful at all!

Best subject:  Battle of Gettysburg
In a set called American Heroes, you'd be hard pressed to find another even that captures that essence of a hero like those who fought at Gettysburg.

Best surprise:  Seneca Falls Convention
I guess it shouldn't be a surprise given the variety of women's rights activists in the set, but the SFC card seems like a surprise in a page dominated by wars and battles.

Best card back:  Battle of Belleau Wood
Actually, this gets the award for the worst card back because of the following line:  "After weeks of fighting, one of the war's bloodiest battles ended with a U.S. victory - but nearly 10,000 causalities (about 20 percent of which were fatal).  Hold the phone on that one, did Topps means causalities or casualties?  If they meant casualties, aren't all casualties fatal?  Webster seems to agree with me.  If they actually meant causalities, I seem to think it's a poorly constructed sentence that ends up not making sense.

Best card:  Battle of Gettysburg
My Pennsylvania bias might be playing a role in my choice but I don't care.  It's a nice card that fits well within the confines of the set!


hiflew said...

In military terms, a casualty refers to anyone killed, captured, MIA, or wounded/sick (badly enough for treatment) during battle. I used to always think it mean only dead as well, but they beat it out of us in college history classes.

Ana Lu said...

The Battle of Midway is just a great card. Which didn't make it in none of the categories you listed.

The best photo would be a bit off because it's a drawing. But it's great none the same.

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