Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 7

We are now up to cards #55 - 63 in the set.  Enjoy.

Page 7:

Best photo:  Women's Suffrage
Although I like the Jonas Salk photo as well, I had to give the nod to a card with a woman playing a cornet.

Best subject:  American Red Cross
Lots of great subjects on this page - probably seven different cards could have gotten the nod on any given day.  The Red Cross image was the tie-breaker, simply fabulous!

Best surprise:  USO
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the inclusion of the USO but it seems like a group that gets overlooked a lot (unlike the VFW and Red Cross for instance).  Kudos to Topps for including the group in the set.

Best card back:  Jonas Salk
I like Salk's quote best:  "To a scientist, fame is neither an end nor even a means to an end."  Well said, despite Salk being one of the most famous scientists of all time!

Best card:  American Red Cross
Honestly, this page was full of good cards - but none were quite great.  That made picking the best card quite difficult!  I'm giving the nod to the Red Cross mostly because I love the old timey poster on the front of the card.


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