Topps American Heritage Heroes - Page 8

I'm not going to lie.  I wasn't sure I'd make it to page 8 of the binder.  I certainly didn't think it would happen by midday Tuesday.  You are most certainly welcome for that level of dedication.

Page 8:

Best photo:  Paul Zoll
Zoll's photo screams "medical professional" to me - which is perfect since he is part of the Heroes of Medicine subset.

Best subject:  Elizabeth Blackwell
Once again, my educational bias is in play.  Blackwell was only accepted into medical school by a student vote but she ended up graduating first in her class.  Good for her!

Best surprise:  Henry Bergh
Bergh is best known for founding the ASPCA and the ASPCC - groups which advocate for animal and children rights.  The only unfortunate thing about his card is his photo looks like it was once glued to a piece of a paper and then peeled off for use on the card.

Best card back:  Elizabeth Blackwell
I love the fact that the back of the medical heroes cards lists Alma Mater as one of the "vital statistics."  It's a small touch, but a nice one.  Blackwell gets the nod over the other six medical professionals because one of her homes was in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I shouldn't need to explain why I like that to anyone who has read my blog for long!

Best card:  Elizabeth Blackwell
Despite looking an awful lot like a guy in her photo, the Blackwell card is my favorite on the page.