Monday, May 06, 2013

2013 Topps Archives Group Break? Details and Sign-Ups!

The 2013 Topps Archives set is to be released on May 29.  I'm thinking of doing a THREE BOX group break for a total cost of $22.00 per slot (price includes shipping to the US - other places please add an appropriate additional amount for shipping).  If you claim multiple slots, each additional slot is only $20.00. Each slot will consist of two teams (one of your choice and one random).

I had some preliminary interest in the break so hopefully this will fill quickly.  As usual:

1.  Please leave a comment below with the team(s) you are claiming.

2.  Send PayPal payment to:  fanofreds (dot) auctions (at) gmail (dot) com (the same email that is in my profile).  I would appreciate all payments sent as "gifts" with no other information included in the payment.

3.  Send me an email (to the same address as above) with the following information:

  •   Your user name
  •   The team(s) you claimed
  •   The email address you sent payment from 
  •   Your mailing address

I ask that everyone do the above three steps, even if I have traded with you many times - it makes packaging the cards a much, much quicker task for me.  Thanks!

NOTE:  I have put people who displayed interest in the previous post next to teams that they usually claim (if I knew it off the top of my head).  Those spots will be reserved for 24 hours from the time of this post and then I'll open up the slots if I don't get confirmation from each person.

Slots remaining:  0  (The break is full - thanks all!)

Teams available:

Arizona Diamondbacks -
Atlanta Braves  - Jon (PAID)
Baltimore Orioles - Zach (PAID)
Boston Red Sox  - Metallattorney (PAID)
Chicago White Sox -
Chicago Cubs - P-town Tom (PAID)
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande (PAID)
Cleveland Indians - Baseball Dad (PAID)
Colorado Rockies -
Detroit Tigers -
Florida Marlins -
Houston Astros -
Kansas City Royals -
Los Angeles Angels - Josh (PAID)
Los Angeles Dodgers - Spiegel83 (PAID)
Milwaukee Brewers -
Minnesota Twins -
New York Mets -
New York Yankees - Dutch Card Guy (PAID)
Oakland Athletics -
Philadelphia Phillies - daddyohoho (PAID)
Pittsburgh Pirates -
San Diego Padres -
San Francisco Giants - arpsmith (PAID)
Seattle Mariners - The Junior Junkie (PAID)
St. Louis Cardinals - madding (PAID)
Tampa Bay Rays -
Texas Rangers - Josh (PAID)
Toronto Blue Jays -
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Josh (PAID)


madding said...

I'll claim the Cardinals. Thanks!

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Confirming yankees !

daddyohoho said...

I will confirm for the Phils


Spiegel83 said...

May you put me down for the Dodgers, please? Thanks!

P-town Tom said...

I'll confirm on Cubs. Thanks!

arpsmith said...

I am in for the Giants, thanks!!!

Will get you a payment later this evening.

Jon said...

Atlanta Braves please!

The Junior Junkie said...

Fine, fine - I'll take the Mariners. Sending payment now....

Metallattorney said...

I will take the Red Sox.

Zach said...

I'll take the Orioles please!

Tim Byrd said...

Rockies, please. I'll send the payment in the morning.

Chris Reed said...

Tim: At the moment, the break is full but if someone ends up bailing you can be my first substitute.

Jon said...

Sending you payment now

The Junior Junkie said...

Sorry - I thought I sent it. Doing so now.....

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