Saturday, May 04, 2013

2013 Topps Archives Group Break?

The 2013 baseball card season started off extremely boring for me as I sat out Topps flagship set, Opening Day, and Topps Heritage.  Things got a bit better with Topps Tribute since I hosted a group break (and landed a pair of Reds base cards for my efforts).  Since I'm itching to bust some wax - but not spend a lot of money quite yet (that's what Ginter is for), I'm thinking about doing a 2013 Topps Archives group break.

Here's how it would work.

Dave and Adams has boxes available for pre-for about $87.00.  The product is supposed to be released on May 29th according to their website.  Each box has two (on card) autographs plus a bunch of cool inserts, parallels, etc.  I'm thinking a two box break would be about perfect.

The various options that I'm considering:

1.  A tiered approach:
The "better" teams cost more, "lesser" teams come cheaper.  The trick would be to balance out the costs/rewards so that the boxes (and shipping) are covered.

2.  15 slots approach:
My usual approach.  One team of your choice, one team randomly assigned.  This is the easiest (for me) to price because I can usually count on selling all 15 slots.  I don't have the funds to pick up a bunch of unclaimed teams.

3.  30 slots approach:
30 slots, each at the same price.  I think the tiered option is "fairer" but this is an easier option to price out.

4.  10 slots approach:
3 teams per slot, that way everyone would save a bit of cash on my shipping costs.  In addition, three teams should provide everyone with a decent amount of cards which is nice.

Those are the options I came up with - but I'll listen to other ideas as well!

Now the question is:  Are you interested in such a group break?  Pricing is to be determined based on slots - but I would like to know whether you'd prefer a (cheaper) two box break or something a bit pricier but with more boxes included.  In addition, would you like to see me add in a box or two of some other product (which would also up the price) or keep strictly Topps Archives?

Let me know below - hopefully we can work something out that will work for everyone!


The Dutch Card Guy said...

I am in ! I dont have a strong preference but feel that with archives a tier system might be less relevant compared to tribute, triple threads etc, anyways i dont have a strong preference (so i am not very helpful here:-))

daddyohoho said...

I will participate.


Tim Byrd said...

I totally agree with Dutchy. I'm not in favor of/against any of them, but I'm in!

Farrell Quinlan said...

I'm in. The 15 slot approach seems like the best approach. You get th team you want and roll the dice on a scoring the Astros!

arpsmith said...

I am in for any of the approached as long as I can score the Giants.


Interested in the Indians in a 15 slot.

madding said...

I would do it if I get a chance. I think the 15 slot approach works best, as it ensures that the less popular teams are snagged no matter what.

P-town Tom said...

I'd sign up as well! (if the Cubs are still there that is)

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