Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #3: Packs 16 - 18

I think it is safe to say that if all goes well the break will be completed no later than this coming Sunday*!  Not bad considering we've busted three boxes of 24 packs...and I've typed up each and every card.  Of course, we'll never get through the final box if I don't shut up and start ripping packs.

*By now, most of you should have already received your cards in the mail!  I spread out the pack posts because I never know how slowly/quickly I'll be able to get packs ripped, scanned, and posted - not to mention the actual sorting and packaging of everyone's cards.  Enjoy the last few group break posts - and I know a few of you aren't even opening your package until all my group break posts go live.  I suppose that's a fun way to prolong the break!

Box #3 - Pack 16:
Adam Wainwright - Cardinals
Dave Winfield - Yankees
Matt Kemp - Dodgers
Jason Kipnis - Indians
Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
Joe Morgan - Reds
Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks
T-7A.  Triumvirate:  Miguel Cabrera - Tigers

The worst part of the Triumvirate cards is that the Reds aren't featured.  I love the concept and idea - and the execution works too!  Good stuff by Topps!  As for Detroit, by my count that is their seventh insert/short print of the break.  It is, however, their first "box hit."

Pack 17:
Darwin Barney - Cubs
Mike Minor - Braves
Andre Ethier - Dodgers
Scott Diamond - Twins
Dwight Gooden - Mets
Matt Cain - Giants
228.  Delino DeShields - Expos

GH-MT.  Gallery of Heroes:  Mike Trout - Angels

Hot off the heels of the Tigers getting their first box hit (or rarer), the Angels clock in with a 1:31 packs Gallery of Heroes card.  This insert set is by far my favorite of the set - love, love, love it.  Unfortunately, my Reds were shut out of the Heroes set!

Pack 18:
Adam Dunn - White Sox
Miguel Montero - Diamondbacks
Carlos Santana - Indians
Sergio Romo - Giants
Stan Musial - Cardinals
Brock Holt - Red Sox
Joey Votto - Reds
MT-DW.  Tall Boy:  David Wright - Mets

I have to say, that was a solid trio of packs!  Now, there are only six packs remaining (one of which should hold an autograph).  I'm hoping that the Metal auto doesn't count, but I have a feeling that it does factor in as one of the two promised autographs.  I guess time will tell so stay tuned!


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