Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Group Break Packs! So Many 3D cards!

The weather looks ominous, but so far so good in terms of having a chance to play tonight.  Just to be safe, I'm writing this post early enough to ensure you all get to see more packs from the group break today!

Archives - Pack 6:
12.  Pablo Sandoval - Giants
43.  Wade Boggs - Red Sox
61.  Brian McCann - Braves
93.  Matt Harrison - Rangers
110.  Jose Bautista - Blue Jays
144.  Ike Davis - Mets
191.  Yogi Berra - Yankees
3D:  Justin Upton - Diamondbacks

Upton always struck me as a pretty good player who seems to have virtually no hobby following.  I don't think I've ever seen his name listed under someone's "Players I Collect" list.

Pack 7:
4.  Matt Garza - Cubs
38.  Billy Butler - Royals
88.  Mike Schmidt - Phillies
92.  Jordan Walden - Angels
138.  Joe DiMaggio - Yankees
163.  Aramis Ramirez - Brewers
188.  Vance Worley - Phillies
69DE-10.  Deckle Edge:  Orlando Cepeda - Braves

I like the Deckle Edge inserts - quirky but still kind of cool.  Cepeda's signature looks extremely painful though...

Pack 8:
13.  Mark Teixeira - Yankees
48.  Grady Sizemore - Indians
99.  Brandon Belt - Giants
122.  Dustin Pedroia - Red Sox
149.  Dustin Ackley - Mariners
153.  Felix Hernandez - Mariners
172.  James Shields - Rays
3D.  Felix Hernandez - Mariners

Wow, it's a Seattle hot pack..who'd have expected that?!  Three Mariners including the really nice 3D Felix card, not bad!

Pack 9:
20.  Robinson Cano - Yankees
42.  Aroldis Chapman - Reds
66.  Andrew McCutchen - Pirates
67.  Justin Verlander - Tigers
117.  George Brett - Royals
118.  Desmond Jennings - Rays
169.  Michael Morse - Nationals
3D.  Dustin Pedroia - Red Sox

The Pedroia is the third 3D card out of the box - again, if the odds are correct then we shouldn't find another one since they are seeded 1:8 packs.  Still looking for the autograph but I think four packs is enough typing for me for one post...after all, I have to get ready for a softball game (times three)!


Ryan H said...

I hope you got to play your games. My baseball game got rained out. As soon as I got to the field, the skies opened up and soaked the field. At least I got to come home and see some more packs from the GB had been opened!

Chris Reed said...

We ended up getting one and a half games in before the thunderstorms rolled through...

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