Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Group Break Packs Keep Coming!

I'm running out of clever anything to say about these Series 2 packs.  This is number 31 out of the Series 2 box.

Pack 31:
Sergio Santos - Blue Jays
Adam Lind - Blue Jays
Brett Wallace - Astros

Lorenze Cain - Royals
Blake Beavan - Mariners
Ross Detwiler - Nationals
David Wright - Mets
Trevor Cahill - Diamondbacks
Justin Morneau - Twins
CH-78.  Chasing History:  Mark Trumbo - Angels

Not the most exciting pack that I've ever seen.  I'm surprised how many names in Series 2 there are that I'm totally unfamiliar with (Beavan for instance).  I guess I need to study up and/or watch more games!


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