Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Sets for Sale (or Trade)!

I know I have another week or so worth of posts scheduled for my case break - but rest assured, I've actually now ripped through the entire case.  Spoiler alert:  No rip card but I did get something that was much, much better.  If you don't like waiting, you can check to see what I'm selling on eBay right now.

Speaking of selling, I have one FULL set (350 cards) plus one non-SP base set (300 cards) available for sale.  I also have a third non-SP set that is almost complete (only missing Puig #44 and Kaline #81).  Based on a quick glace at eBay, complete sets w/ short prints seem to be going for about $40 plus shipping while the non-short print complete sets seem to be going for about $20 plus shipping.  If you can make an offer in that ballpark, I'd be a happy guy.  I'm trying to rid myself of these extra cards and recoup a bit of my investment...

Many thanks - and stay tuned for plenty more in terms of my case as the week goes on.  Finally, I updated my want list with what I still need from 2013 Ginter.  I will try to get a post of trade bait typed up within the next day or so.


Fuji said...

I'd be interested in the 350 card set. I just sent you a FB message.

Play at the Plate said...

So for the price of two blasters, you can get the complete set? Why bother buying any to open? Well, Gint A Cuffs of course, but that right there is the problem with modern cards.

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