Friday, August 09, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #1 - Packs 7 - 12

I'm slowly working my way through the first box in my Ginter case.  By writing these posts, it really slows down my ripping (and also allows me more time to read and enjoy each card).  I hope you find the posts informative - and maybe even fun as well.

Pack 7:

In almost any other pack, I would have scanned the Death Valley card (love inclusions like that in the base set).  However, I can't overlook an autograph hit - my first of the promised three in the box!  I like the design of the autograph frame a lot better than the black of last year, but it's kind of dull compared to some of the previous years (prior to last year).  Pulling an autograph is always fun though since they are the tougher draw (as compared to relics).

Pack 8:

The A&G backs of the mini cards are kind of dull, I wish Topps would bring back the 'ol Planter guy.  At least this one is of a legend - that makes it a pretty nice card.

Pack 9:

I pulled a Bronson Arroyo and Tony Perez base card from the pack (yay!) but the highlight has to be this Miguel Montero black bordered mini.  I almost went with the "One little Corner" card of earth as the card to be scanned though, that set cracks me up.

Pack 10:

Another pack, another Reds' player - this time its Joe Morgan.  Joe gets a lot of love from Topps (which I don't mind).

Pack 11:

A new mini set for my collection!  This is the "Heavy Hangs the Head" which is a beautiful alliteration.  Topps again went with the letters instead of numbers though which still makes me angry.  Even so, this set is a "must own" for me.

Pack 12:

The final pack of the first half of the box yielded my first short printed mini (David Price) but I'm scanning the card of Neptune because I like it better.

One half of the first box down - two more hits should be lurking with the remaining packs.  I've done alright so far, nothing spectacular but (for now at least) all the base cards are appreciated - as are any inserts.  The mini inserts are really nice so far (even though there's a bunch of mini sets that I have yet to get a card from).


Anonymous said...

My 4 boxes didn't stand a chance lol. All ripped this morning. I got the same Goldschmidt auto as well....
You can check out what I got on my blog. I'm guessing you're not gonna need any base with a whole case to yourself but once you've opened everything check out my want list and trade bait and see if there's anything we can trade for!


night owl said...

Dear god, that autograph does not say Paul Goldschmidt. And the frames are still agonizingly dull.

Really liking the one little corner minis though.

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