Sunday, August 11, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #2 - Packs 13 - 18

Welcome back to another round of Allen & Ginter packs.  I'm still on the second box of the case - but now I've made to the second half of said box.  So far, I've found a pair of hits - still one more lurking.  Let's see if it's in the one of the next six packs.

Pack 13:

Two great looking cards in this pack.  One was of Venus (One Little Corner insert) and the other was this mini of Alexander the Great.  I love the Heavy Hangs the Head cards as much (if not more) than the Celestial cards.  Good stuff by Topps!

Pack 14:

Happily there were two Reds base cards to sweeten the sour taste of having to scan a Cardinals card.  However, this Wainwright is a short printed mini card so it earns "best of pack" despite depicting a St. Louis player.

Pack 15:

Not much of note in Pack 15 (they can't all be winners I guess) though the Tulowitzki A&G back isn't a terrible card.

Pack 16:

Another dull pack, the best card being the mini (once again).  A mini Prince Fielder is kind of like a jumbo shrimp...a nice oxymoron.

Pack 17:

Pack 17 returns us back to the land of cool inserts.  This one had a Palaces & Strongholds card of the Bastille but for me the highlight was the card of King Henry VIII.  My wife is a huge fan of the history of King Henry (and all the surrounding figures) so I'm sure this would be one baseball card that she'd be interested in seeing.  It's probably not enough to convince her to collect cards though...

Pack 18:

As a math teacher, I'm well of aware of Monty Hall because of the Monty Hall problem.  Basically, it's a puzzle that has spurred numerous arguments over the years (even though there IS a right answer).  The problem goes something like this:

There are three doors, behind two of them is a crappy prize (like a goat) and behind one is a great prize (like a car).  You pick a door.  After choosing your door, the host (in this case, Monty Hall) opens one of the two doors that you did NOT pick (always one of the goats).  At this point, he gives you a choice.  Do you stick with your original door or switch to the new one?  Most people, at first blush, say it doesn't matter since your odds appear to be 50/50 at this point whether you switch or not.  Unfortunately, that logic is totally incorrect.  You should always switch doors.  Doing so gives you a 2/3 chance of winning, while sticking with your original pick is only a 1/3 chance.

If you find that interesting - or if you disagree with me - you can search the internet for a much more detailed explanation.  Trust me though, you should switch.


night owl said...

Ugh. Probability. HATED that class.

P-town Tom said...

Nice summary of the Monty Hall problem, but I love this even more: "A mini Prince Fielder is kind of like a jumbo shrimp...a nice oxymoron."

Hackenbush said...

Perosnal taste of course, but I wish they used a picture of a younger Money Hall.

roddster said...

My head hurts after thinking about that Monty Hall problem, but yes, I see how it makes sense.

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