Thursday, August 08, 2013

PWE Week: Junior Junkie Sends Me (Not) Junk!

Today's plain white envelope is instantly recognizable by the emblem drawn on the back of the envelope...

Yep, that must mean I got some goodies from T.J. over at The Junior Junkie.  Before I show off what T.J. sent me, I want to give him a bit of a shout out since he's been doing a great job looking at the various designs for different sets in a series he calls design timeline.  For instance, here's his look at the Select line and here's his look at the Leaf line.  It's fun to see all the different designs in one place - and I like the fact that he uses Griffey (which is no surprise given that he's a huge Griffey Jr. collector)!

From one player collector to another, that's what the PWE was all about.  I had sent T.J. a few Griffey Jrs packed in a recent group break that hosted - in return, T.J. sent me a smattering of Barry Larkin cards.

In addition, he sent me one other "oddball" type card - an Action Baseball "card" of sorts featuring a game where it's the Reds vs. the Astros.

The card opens up to feature a scratch off game - I'm extremely tempted to play but I guess I'll leave this one unscratched so that it can go in my Reds collection (and yes, I count this as a Reds card even though it features Jeff Bagwell on the front).

Thanks for the PWE T.J.!  Come back tomorrow when I finish off PWE week!


The Junior Junkie said...


I've got a couple of those scratch-offs w/ Junior on them. Very tempted to start scratching, but too anal a collector to go and do something like that.

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