Monday, August 05, 2013

The Great Collection Organization Continues...

I've spoken a few different times about my summer goal of reorganizing my baseball card collection.  To date, I've done a decent job though there's still so much to accomplish.  One of the benefits of cleaning up and organizing is that occasionally I find something I forgot I had.  One of the benefits for you is chances are if I forgot about it, I don't necessarily want it.

Here's a pack of 2009 O-Pee-Chee baseball that I had opened up previously.

I actually like the O-Pee-Chee set quite a bit (nice card stock) but I have enough stuff on my want list to add yet another set.  As such, if you want any of the following simply let me know!  I'm always looking to make deals (and hopefully reduce my own want list a bit)!

Toronto Blue Jays (#506)

Ryan Sweeney (#404)

Shaun Marcum (#442)

Javier Vazquez (#243)

Brandon Inge (#92)

Black border parallel:  Garret Anderson (#339)

I guess I wasn't inspired by that pack since it was chock full of Blue Jays and Braves...  All are available for trade - but act quickly because I'll be sticking this in my big 'ol trade boxes within a day or so.  Gotta clean up my desk, one old pack at a time if that's what it takes!


night owl said...

I've completed the set already, but I'm casually collecting black borders, so if you want to send it, I'll figure out something to send back (hint: it won't be Legos).

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