Thursday, September 19, 2013

2000 Skybox Dominion: Group Break Box #6 (out of 7)

It's time to open the sixth (out of seven) group break box.  The box in question?  2000 Skybox Dominion.  This is a box chock full of cards - 36 packs with 10 cards per pack to be precise.  There's a bunch of rare stuff possible with this set - let's see if we get lucky!

Pack 1:
3.  League Leaders (Garciaparra - Red Sox & Walker - Rockies)

This one goes to the Red Sox since they were a claimed team and Colorado was not.
100.  Bobby Higginson - Tigers
123.  Abraham Nunez - Pirates
161.  Scott Williamson - Reds
176.  Barry Larkin - Reds

This is the reason I always claim the Reds in my own breaks - the possibility exists for me to acquire new Barry Larkin cards for my own collection!  This is a new one for me - I'm pumped.
207.  Ken Caminiti - Astros
215.  Jim Thome - Indians
270.  Chad Hermansen - Pirates
287.  Cubs Prospects (Farnsworth & Barker)
2 of 20 NE.  New Era:  Ruben Mateo - Rangers

The New Era insert cards are seeded 1:3 packs.  The card doesn't look as bad as it does in the scan...but quite honestly, it's not really a pretty card no matter how you look at it.

Pack 2:
20.  Season Highlight:  Wade Boggs - Rays
57.  Troy Glaus - Angels
67.  Todd Stottlemyer - Diamondbacks
158.  Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
179.  Carlos Lee - White Sox
182.  Henry Rodrigeuz - Cubs
192.  Rick Helling - Rangers
229.  Brian Jordan - Braves
241.  John Olerud - Mets
296.  Phillies Prospects (Shumaker & Politte)

The second pack out of the box wasn't nearly as interesting as the first pack - but then again, it's hard to beat a pack featuring a Barry Larkin card that I still need.


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