Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pushing the Group Break to the Maximum.

We are now past the "initial phase" of the group break which means everyone's teams are locked in.  I think this is the first break in quite some time where there wasn't any team trading - I guess everyone was happy with the randomizer this time around!

You know what else makes people happy?  Me opening group break packs!

It's time to dip back into the Fleer Maximum (2002) once again for some new packs.

Pack 4:
Scott Rolen - Phillies
Ugueth Urbina - Red Sox
Pat Burrell - Phillies
Andy Pettitte - Yankees
Trot Nixon - Red Sox
Shannon Stewart - Blue Jays
Travis Fryman - Indians
Dante Bichette - Red Sox
Jose Canseco - White Sox
Juan Pierre - Rockies
Derek Jeter - Yankees

As you can see, the Fleer Maximum cards have some serious "sticking" issues.  I think the problem was that Fleer made the packs way too full - the sheer amount of cards per pack means there's a lot of compression happening (and with compression comes the inevitable sticking).
Matt Morris - Cardinals
Robin Ventura - Yankees
To the Max:  Greg Maddux - Braves #069/204

The To the Max parallels are numbered to the player's top single season batting average (for hitters) or strikeout total (for pitchers).  Maddux notched 204 Ks back in 1998 which was his career high at the time of Maximum's printing.  Of course, of those 204 Ks, probably 115 were actually balls that the umpire called a strike (this was the era of the Braves getting an extra three or four inches on both sides of the plate).
Maximum Impact:  Ken Griffey Jr. - Reds

Another Maximum Impact card - seeded 1 per pack so there's no surprise here.  I don't think I owned this card though so it'll be right at home in my Reds' collection!

Pack 5:
Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles

This is kind of a cool card - the vertical orientation works well with the photo for sure.
Tino Martinez - Yankees
Paul Konerko - White Sox
Juan Cruz - Cubs
Richie Sexson - Brewers
Mike Cameron - Mariners
Torii Hunter - Twins
Edgar Martinez - Mariners
Ken Griffey Jr. - Reds
Alex Rodriguez - Rangers
Jimmy Rollins - Phillies
Darryl Kile - Cardinals
Mo Vaughn - Angels
Larry Walker - Rockies
Maximum Impact:  Barry Bonds - Giants

Well, that was a dull pack (other than the Ripken and the Griffey Jr.).  Let's do one more right now.

Pack 6:
Eric Milton - Twins
Andruw Jones - Braves
Jason Jennings - Rockies
Ugueth Urbina - Red Sox
Scott Rolen - Phillies
Pat Burrell - Phillies
Andy Pettitte - Yankees
Mark Grace - Diamondbacks
Ramon Ortiz - Angels
Barry Larkin - Reds

Woooooooooooooo!  (But a major Booooooooo! because the corner of this card (and many of the others in the pack) was all busted up.)
A.J. Burnett - Marlins
Moises Alou - Astros
Travis Fryman - Indians
Bud Smith - Cardinals
Maximum Impact:  Roger Clemens - Yankees

Well, that pack was much better than the previous pack wasn't it?  No complaints when I end up with a new Barry Larkin card for my personal collection.  Oh yeah, some of you guys got cool stuff too...but nothing beats a new Larkin, sorry!


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