Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Great Larkin Experiment: Results Plus a New Poll!

The ongoing voting to determine the best Larkin card in my collection (or at least the best of the first 100 that I posted) is ongoing.  I recently held a pair of vote offs - let's look at the results!

In the first vote, the 1987 Toys-R-Us Larkin rookie card eked out a victory against the 2003 Fleer Splendid Splinter card in a 4-2 decision.

Personally, I can't say that I'm surprised - but then again, the Toys-R-Us card was a heavy underdog based on the seeding (#42 as compared to #23 for the Splendid Splinter card)!

The second vote ended up a dead tie - something that I almost foreshadowed (unknowingly) when I wrote the original voting post.

Since ties are no good in a single elimination contest, I had to cast the tie-breaking vote.  I ended up voting the All-Star card through since A) I like it better and B) it was the slightly higher seed.  

I've been having fun with the competition but I must admit that it appears my loyal readers are growing tired of the thing.  Only six votes for each of the previous two polls isn't good!  Maybe it's because I had too many polls up at once?  

In case it was polling overload, I'll try it this time with a single vote.  Maybe that will inspire more people to vote for their favorite card to make it to the second round!

1999 Fleer Tradition vs. 1988 Donruss

This round features a somewhat tough vote - do you vote for a card from the overproduced junk wax era or a card from the era of eight billion sets per year (rough estimate)?  Based on the seeding, the Fleer Tradition card is a heavy favorite - but they don't play the game on paper so make sure you vote!

In an effort to make it easier to vote, I've placed the poll at the very top of the blog (above my blog header even)!  I'm curious to see if that helps - or if it it too difficult to read...let me know either way!


P-town Tom said...

I went to look for the poll in the right hand column... wasn't there. I totally missed it at the very top of the page. That'll teach me to read all the way to the end of a post before trying to vote!

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