Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger Bracket Challenge: A Reminder!

A reminder to all of you taking part in the Blogger Bracket Challenge contest.  Round 1 card prompts were posted a couple of days ago (see here).  Make sure you complete your entry AND LEAVE ME A LINK on the Round 1 post that will guide me to your post.

There have been quite a few entries completed already (be sure to check out the comments section of that post).  However, the deadline is on Thursday at 9:00 PM EST (which means you must have your entry written and a link posted on my blog no later than that time).

Good luck everyone!  And, if you aren't taking part, I still encourage you to click on the Round 1 entry page and check out some of the excellent entries (and if you missed Round 0, look at those too)!  There have been some amazing entries already!


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