Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogger Bracket Challenge: Round 0 Results and Round 1 Pairings!

Now that the time to vote has come and gone, it's time to look at the results of the various polls.  Remember, no one who submitted an entry in Round 0 gets eliminated, the round is strictly for seeding purposes.  That said, you want to be a higher seed in order to have a so-called easier matchup in future rounds.  However, given the incredible selection of entries in Round 0, I don't think there's a single rollover in the Blogger Bracket Challenge!  This should be an awesome little contest.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

Group E:

Group F:

Now that you see all the results, it's time for the seeding.  The top vote getter in each group gets one of the top six spots (with the highest vote earning the first seed, etc.).  From there, I seeded the second place finishers, then the third, and finally the fourth.

For Round 1, you once again will be given a card as a prompt.  You need to write your entry no later than Thursday, October 31 at 9:00 PM EST.  As always, you MUST leave a link to your entry for Round 1 ON THIS POST.  Remember, only the TOP VOTE GETTER from each group will move on to the next round.  That means some of you are in a three-way battle for a spot in the next round - you'll have to bring your absolute best game!

Based on the seeding polls, here are the seeds for the contest.

  1. Play at the Plate 
  2. Backstop Cards
  3. TTG 
  4. petethan 
  5. The Diamond King 
  6. Stealing Home 
  7. Jordan 
  8. Cardhobbyist 
  9. Al Kawamoto 
  10. Red Cardboard 
  11. J. Meeks 
  12. The Prowling Cat 
  13. McCann Can Triple 
  14. Brad's Blog 
  15. CaptKirk 
  16. Spiegel83 
  17. shlabotnikreport
  18. gcrl
  19. Comatoad
  20. The Junior Junkie

If you'd like, you can follow along with the bracket here.  You will notice that in theory we should have a round of 32 (with a bunch of byes).  In order to avoid anyone having to sit out a round, I simply combined the groups into the round of 16 (since we have 20 participants at the moment).  In this way, some of the match ups contain three people while others contain only the standard two.  In all cases, only the highest vote getter will move on out of Round 1!

In addition, this round's theme is a bit more broad than the Topps Attax theme of Round 0.  In fact, I tried to find cards that were whimsical or non-standard in some way.

Here we go!

Round 1:

Group A:

  • Play at the Plate
  • Speigel83
  • shlabotnikreport

Prompt:  Ken Caminiti

Group B:

  • Cardhobbyist
  • Al Kawamoto

Prompt:  Jose Canseco

Group C:

  • petethan
  • McCann Can Triple
  • The Junior Junkie

Prompt:  John Burkett

Group D:

  • The Diamond King
  • The Prowling Cat

Prompt:  Doug Jones

Group E:

  • Backstop Cards
  • CaptKirk
  • gcrl

Prompt:  Craig Paquette

Group F:

  • Jordan
  • Red Cardboard

Prompt:  Juan Uribe

Group G:

  • TTG
  • Brad's Blog
  • Comotoad

Prompt:  Trevor Hoffman

Group H:

  • Stealing Home
  • J. Meeks

Prompt:  Jose Lima

Remember to leave a comment on this post with a link to your entry.  Also, remember that the winner of the contest gets each of the cards used for the writing prompts...the end result will be a nice sized stack of interesting cards for the winner!


J. Meeks said...

My offering:

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My Round 1 entry:

TTG said...

Here's my entry:
51 Photographs

Chris said...

That Canseco card is beautiful.

Jordan said...

Here's my post. Enjoy.

Cardhobbyist said...

Here we go:

Al Kawamoto said...

Here it is

Brad's Blog said...

Here's mine!

Backstop Cards said...

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McCann Can Triple said...

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The Prowling Cat said...

Here she is for the whole world to see.

Red Cardboard said...

Enjoy, kiddies.

The Diamond King said...

My Round 1 Entry:

Stealing Home said...

Round one entry here

The Junior Junkie said...

Round 1 here....

gcrl said...

that's my entry

Play at the Plate said...

Against my better's my entry.

Comatoad said...

Here's the latest from Bleedin' Brown and Gold

Chris Reed said...

Contest closes later tonight - get those entries in if you haven't already!

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Here is my post:

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I'm up:


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