Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gold Label vs. Fleer Tradition: Round 4! (Final Group Break Post!)

Thanks for hanging in there with me - this is the final group break post!  We've got a score to settle - will Gold Label mount a tremendous comeback and steal the pack war away from Fleer Tradition or will Fleer continue to show why ten cards per pack is always better than five card per pack?  Let's find out together.

Round 4:
Gold Label:

Topps brought out the big guns in that they stuffed this pack with an extra card.  Will it help?

Roger Clemens - Yankees -2 for being a Yankee, -5 more for being a cheater:  = -7 points

Nick Johnson - Yankee -2 for being a Yankee
Gabe Kapler - Rangers
Fernando Tatis - Cardinals - 2 for being a Cardinal
Alfonso Soriano - Yankees -2 for being a Yankee
Todd Helton - Rockies +1 because something has to be positive in this pack

Pack total:  -12 points

What a terrible pack (in terms of the Pack War - not so terrible for Kenneth who claimed the Yankees!)  I doubt Fleer could stumble this badly but let's make it official.

Fleer Tradition:
Todd Zeile - Expos
Endy Chavez - Expos
Lyle Overbay - Brewers
Marlins Team Leaders
Mike Hampton - Braves
Rangers Team Leaders
David Segui - Orioles
440.  Bobby Hill - Pirates
457.  Stand Outs:  Hank Blalock - Rangers

19 of 20 DT.  Diamond Tributes:  Roy Halladay - Blue Jays  +5 points since the Jays were claimed

Pack total:  5 points

This one was basically over before it began...Fleer Tradition reigns supreme!

And now, the fifth group break of the year here at Nachos Grande is OFFICIALLY OVER.

I will begin the process of packing up cards - and hopefully you'll be getting them in your mailbox before too terribly long.  I appreciate all of your patience (and comments on the various posts). I plan to return to "regular" blogging beginning tomorrow (I'll also be doing a lot of packing of cards tomorrow).



buckstorecards said...

Great work on the break! I can't wait to get the Piazza pants relic. Let's see. Given Canada Customs tendency to believe every package coming across the border is filled with Contraband, I might have the package by Grey Cup weekend.


Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for the break. I love the variety of sets that were chosen. Topps Gold Label is a flashy looking set.

Cards from the Quarry said...

Todd Zeile was an Expo?

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