Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Oh My My My, Oh Hey Hey

If you came to my blog hoping to find something other than more group break packs, I'm afraid you'll be a bit disappointed (at least for this post).  However, I would encourage you to check out last night's post where I talked about some truly vintage Allen & Ginter cards that I recently was able to add to my collection.

For those that stuck around, here's the FINAL two packs out of the Skybox Dominion box.  Once I've ripped packs 35 & 36, we'll only have a few packs remaining from the Gold Label and Fleer Tradition boxes (plus one more Zenith 8x10 pack).

And since it's the last of this box, here's the current song playing on my computer for your enjoyment as well:

Pack 35:
Jeff Cirillo - Brewers
Jose Lima - Astros
J. Anderson & Y. Haad - Pirates
Mike Mussina - Orioles
Micah Bowie - Cubs

This is a pretty cool photo - the weird gold filter that Skybox used for the prospect cards works well here.
Gabe Kapler - Rangers
Kenny Rogers - Mets
Jason Schmidt - Pirates
Todd Hundley - Dodgers
10 of 20.  New Era:  Freddy Garcia - Mariners

I like the Seattle Space Needle in the background of the card (even though it doesn't show up well in the scan at all).

Pack 36:
Robin Ventura - Mets
Ray Durham - White Sox
Tom Glavine - Braves
Al Leiter - Mets
Vinny Castilla - Rockies
M. Rivera (Yankees) & U. Urbina (Expos)

Luis Gonzalez - Diamondbacks
Jose Canseco - Rays
Chris Singleton - White Sox
D. Wheeler & J. Morris - Rays

That's it for the Skybox Dominion box.  We might not have landed one of the autographs but we did get a pretty nice selection of base cards and inserts.  We also found one of the 1:90 packs Double Play Plus parallel cards so that's cool!

What do you all think of the set?  I could see myself putting this one together someday, though it's not in the top 10 or even top 30 sets that I'd like to complete right now...  I can't tell if that's an endorsement of the set or not.


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