Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Pair of Griffey Hot Packs!

While I do promise that my blog won't be all pack rips over the next few weeks, I do plan to do quite a bit of pack ripping thanks to my awesome Christmas haul.  Right now, I'm in the midst of busting my 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated box - so let's keep the fun rolling!

Pack 7:
38.  Chuck Finley
67.  Andruw Jones
68.  Bobby Jones
133.  Craig Biggio (Best Baserunning)
191.  Ken Griffey Jr.

That's a sweet looking Griffey card - I really, really like the calendar effect.

Mini poster:
25.  Tony Gwynn

That was a solid pack - I like the Griffey card and the Gwynn poster quite a bit.  I still wish these cards didn't stink of cigarette smoke though...

Pack 8:
101.  Mike Piazza
102.  Brad Radke
164.  Anthone Williamson
166.  Ricky Ledee
193.  Roger Clemens

Mini poster:
27.  Ken Griffey Jr.

Well, that Griffey mini poster sure saved the pack.  In fact, after Larkin it was Griffey that was on my "most wanted" poster list so I'm quite happy!  Unfortunately, the rest of the cards in the pack don't do much for me - but since I want to collect the full set, I'm still happy to have 'em!  That said, I'm not so happy to have the Clemens since that's the second such card in eight packs...  I don't want this to be a box full of duplicates - that will hurt my chances of getting the full set!


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