Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hey Bro, I've Been Saving These For You!

Yep - I love when a trade package starts off like that.  Well, actually I don't know who T.J. is calling "bro" but I'll take it when it means I get a pile of Barry Larkin cards.

It was a simple trade package full of only Larkins - including some that were brand new to my collection (which is awesome)!  What did T.J. have to send me you ask?  Here's a quick look at some of my favorites.

We begin with a Larkin that I'm fairly certain is new to my collection - I really need to at least make a checklist of all the Barry Larkins that I own given how slowly I've been adding to my online Barry Larkin Collection.

The card is from 2005 Donruss (something or other set).  I'll figure out what set it is from for certain when I get around to writing the Barry Larkin Collection post.  Anyhow, the card features a nice little blurb on the back and it even states how many times Larkin has been named a "Diamond King" by Donruss (six if you were wondering).

From a set that I know nothing about to one that I thought I knew everything about - 1993 Upper Deck.

Seriously, I've opened up two full boxes of Upper Deck for group breaks and I've yet to see one of these cards.  Where do they come from?  The back is interesting because you get statistics like "late & close" (Larkin hit .291 in such instances though the card gives no definition as to what late & close actually means).

What is this?  A Cardinal?  Is the Junior Junkie punking me? actuality he has great vision and saw that it was Larkin sliding into second and upending that good-for-nothing Cardinal.  The question for you all is:  Does this count as a Larkin card in any sort of way?  Do you keep cards like this which feature your favorite player but are clearly not actual cards of said player?  I'm conflicted - and even more so because the player in question is a Cardinal of all teams.

Back to honest-to-goodness Larkin cards.

Here we have the yellow brick road where I can only assume Larkin is going to ask the Wizard for a chance to play in another World Series.  Unfortunately, the Wizard was exposed when Dorothy and her crew arrived and so Larkin's wish was never granted.  Cruel Dorothy, go back to Kansas with your precious little dog.

If you think that previous paragraph was odd, then how about a real oddball?

Yeah, an ice cream card!  Fun fact:  I don't think I've ever actually eaten at a Dairy Queen.

And finally, we close the circle of life Larkins with this beauty.

What's that you say?  I already showed this one?  Au contrair my little friend.  This one is from the same set as the first Larkin I showed but this one has a nice little frame around it (ala the framed Gypsy Queen sets).  I guess Topps ripped off Donruss (who knew card companies would do such a thing)?  I'm a sucker for the framed parallels of GQ (I'm working on this year's framed set in fact) so you know I've got to like this framed Donruss card a lot as well!

Thanks for the great stack of cards T.J.  And hey bro, your card winnings will be going out shortly since you are the champion of the Blogger Bracket Challenge for 2013!  Also, if this was really a bribe for that contest I apologize for not going through my mail in a more timely fashion!


cynicalbuddha said...

Ah 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings. The best part of that set is you'll probably never be done picking up all the parallels that set has. I think there's probably close to 50 when you figure in all the relic and auto parallels as well. And I agree you need to get that Larkin checklist up on the site. I find I use my PC checklists all the time just for myself.

P-town Tom said...

You've never eaten at a Dairy Queen? My first date with my wife was at a DQ! DQ even sent us coupons as a wedding present!

Man, you're missing out.

The Junior Junkie said...

Cameos count - take it from another serious player collector.

Glad you enjoyed the cards. Now get thee to a Dairy Queen and get thou a Blizzard!

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