Thursday, December 05, 2013

My Cardboard Mistress Encourages My Affair With Ginter

Yesterday, I posted part 1 of a recent trade with Adam over at the always excellent My Cardboard Mistress.  It's now time to take a look at part 2 of the swap.

This past summer, I opened up a case of Ginter which was a lot of fun (despite not getting a rip card for the third time in four years in my case - a fact that Topps has refused to do anything about this time around).  Anyhow, one of the perks of opening up a case of hobby boxes is that you get a bunch of box loaders - and some years Allen & Ginter has some great goodies for collectors.

Unfortunately, this year's crop of box toppers wasn't nearly as good as some years - but I did like the theme of "Wonders of the World" quite a bit so I knew I'd be trying to put together that set for sure.  Adam helped me out by sending me two of the cabinet cards that I needed.

First up, this wonderful Colossus of Rhodes.

When Topps chose an appropriate image, the cabinet cards look quite stunning.  I don't really know much about the Colossus of Rhodes (other than the fact that it is one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World).

The other cabinet card that Adam sent my way was one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.  This time it's Mount Everest.

I can't say this image is nearly as good for the card (which is strange seeing as how there are probably a million different images of Everest that Topps could have used...or they could have even sent one of their own photographers out to get an image if they had to).

Despite my criticism of the image, I will say that these two cards are two of my favorites in the set (so far at least - I'm still missing 14 of the 21 cards so I have a long way to go!

Thanks for the trade Adam (though there's still more from this trade envelope coming up in a future post)!  As always, if anyone else wants to trade - check out my want list and make an offer.  I have only one more day of "regular work" on Friday (last day of teaching for the semester), then I give finals two days next week.  After that, it's vacation - and with vacation comes much more time for blogging (and trading)!


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