Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Blogger Bracket Challenge: The Winner Is... *drum roll*

Congratulations to The Junior Junkie who didn't let his #20 seed from the initial round scare him.

Instead, he ended up winning the entire competition (including taking down the #1 and #4 seeds plus Comatoad the other finalist).

I want to give a hearty congrats not only to our winner but also everyone who played along (and those who simply voted without participating).  This year's contest was a great success in my mind - look for another one of these next year.

I'm thinking about moving the contest to February though rather than November.  As many of you have seen on your own blogs, readership is down terribly in November (on a good day I might crack 90-100 visitors)...  I think it's doing everyone a disservice to not have the various posts live when we all have more readership (of course, I had originally scheduled the contest for November simply because it's a rather dull time for baseball card bloggers).

I'm torn on the best timing so any feedback from you all would be appreciated!

One more thing:  Junior Junkie - shoot me an email with your mailing address so that I can get your prize out to you!  You win a copy of each of the cards featured in the competition.


The Junior Junkie said...

That was really fun. Got to read a ton of great posts, and my MS Paint skills have never been sharper. Thanks for running the whole thing, Chris! I can't wait to see that Bigfoot card in person...

About best timing: I think I blog pretty much the same amount year-round regardless of whether there's baseball being played. Then again there's no baseball in my town so I might be the oddball.

Spankee said...

Congrats JJ!

P-town Tom said...

As a teacher and coach of a winter sport I know I don't get around the blogosphere in Nov/Dec/Jan as much as I'd like. I second the motion to move the contest date!

Comatoad said...

Congratulations, Junior on a great contest. That was indeed a hoot. I look forward to competing again next year.

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