Saturday, January 04, 2014

1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated Baseball: Finishing Off My First Christmas Box!

It's finally time to finish opening the first of the many Christmas boxes of cards!  Here are the final two packs of out of the Fleer Sports Illustrated box (from 1998).

Pack 23:
25.  Will Clark
66.  Randy Johnson
85.  Pedro Martinez

86.  Tino Martinez

152.  Michael Coleman

Mini poster:
22.  Curt Schilling

Wow, I liked this pack a lot (despite it being void of Reds).  The Randy Johnson card is a duplicate - but as I showed off a few packs ago, you can't go wrong with his mullet.  I also like the Tino card a lot - it's a great looking photo.  Finally, even the mini poster was bringing it's "A" game - what a great, interesting shot!

Pack 24:
19.  Ken Caminiti
21.  Joe Carter
34.  Darin Erstad
61.  Todd Hundley

194.  Pedro Martinez

Mini poster:
18.  Vladimir Guerrero

Admittedly, pack 23 was head and shoulders above the final pack of the box - but that's the way the proverbial cookie crumbles.  I did like the Todd Hundley card a lot - and that's two interesting "play at the plate" photos in the final couple of packs, one hitting and one with a throw to the plate.  Good stuff by Fleer (and Sports Illustrated).

I fully plan to do a box wrap up soon (maybe even tomorrow) and I'll also be going through all my other Fleer SI cards from when I was a kid and collating the entire set.  By the time this post is live, I should also have my want list fully up-to-date!


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