Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Delivery Time! All the Way to my Mailbox from the Backstop!

Unfortunately, I had to go to work yesterday as my college doesn't close for most national holidays (we also work on Labor Day in the fall).  That meant that I couldn't use Monday to get caught up in blog related matters (or work related matters)!  On the other hand, I get most of the summer off so no one will feel bad for me (nor should they).

Despite my relative short amount of free time at the moment, I know I need to get some of these trade packages posted (and my want list updated)!  I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight though - so you get a PWE from Marcus over at All the Way to the Backstop.  I'm a bit embarrassed that it took me this long to get around to posting the contents of the trade seeing as how Marcus went on vacation for two weeks and still beat me to the blogging punch!

As you might have seen from the link to Marcus's blog, this was a quick two-for-two trade.  Marcus sent me one of the All-Star insert cards from 2013's Topps Archives that I still needed.

I can't believe how slow the collection of last year's Archives set ended up being.  Either very few people liked the set (and thus no trade bait floating around because no one bought it) or else everyone wanted to keep all their inserts and short prints.  I'm not sure which it is - but either way it's made for a long, slow slog in terms of collecting the set.  At least I'm now within five cards of having the All-Star set complete.

The second card that Marcus sent my way was much more diminutive in size - but not in terms of my needs.  This is a The First Americans mini card from 2013 Allen & Ginter.
Sorry for the crooked scan.  My scanner bed is full of static...

I'm now only missing ONE card from this set - so close I can almost taste it (and it probably tastes like cardboard).

Thanks for the great trade Marcus - and thanks for helping me inch ever closer to completing a few sets.  As always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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