Saturday, January 11, 2014

Enjoy the Base Cards!

I hope you all don't mind my slow pace of opening a box.  It sure gives me more pleasure to open a box slowly - this way I get to enjoy the base cards to the fullest extent!  In fact, it's amazing how many great base cards that I've already found in the 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box - and up until now I've only opened up five packs!  Let's rip another pair of packs and see what other gems of the mid-90s we can find!

Pack 6:
24.  Dave Stevens
73.  Tony Gwynn
161.  Steve Avery

The horizontal framing works great for this card!  The '95 CC set has quite a few horizontal cards - and almost all of the ones that I've seen so far are done really well.
219.  Tim Wallach
333.  Chris Sabo

I used to love "Spuds" when he was a Red.  In fact, Sabo was my first ever 'favorite player' when I was a kid.  Unfortunately for me, he got traded after '93 and with that Larkin took over as my one and only favorite player.
433.  Jack Morris

I have no recollection of Jack Morris being a Red.  Apparently he signed as a free agent back after the '94 season but he never actually pitched an inning for Cincinnati.  If that's true, then this is either a PhotoShopped card or Morris did pitch during spring training for the Reds.  I'm guessing it's a spring training shot.
474.  Mickey Tettleton
TC4.  Redemption:  Terry Pendleton - Braves

My second redemption card of the box - maybe these weren't so difficult to find after all?  I have no idea - but I do know that I now have 40% of the five-card redemption set!
Silver Sig:  102.  Chuck Finley - Angels
Silver Sig:  301.  Jerry Browne - Marlins

I'm going to go out on a (rather sturdy) limb here and say there won't be all that much trade interest in either of those silver signature parallels.  Too bad for me I guess as I don't really want them either!

Pack 7:
19.  Orlando Miller
72.  Paul O'Neil
160.  Javy Lopez
218.  Delino DeShields

Can you figure out what card Delino just signed for that kid?
332.  Leo Gomez
432.  Eddie Taubensee
475.  Lou Whitaker
CG6.  You Crash the Game:  Cecil Fielder - Tigers

All three of Fielder's You Crash the Game contest cards ended up being losers.  Too bad.  
Silver Sig:  222.  Tom Candiotti - Dodgers

Yet another Dodger parallel!
309.  Chris Hammond - Marlins
National Packtime Insert

You could send in any 28 1995 baseball foil wrappers from any of the six licensed companies (along with a 3x5 card with your mailing infor and a money order for $2.00) in order to get an 18-card National Packtime set - presumably featuring the 18 cards listed on the front of the insert card.  I'm wondering who Bob Hamelin paid to be in that group of superstars?!

All things told, this has been an awesome box and I've barely made a dent in it.  The base set is fabulous - so many fun cards that I have difficulty choosing which cards to scan in most packs!  I'm also getting a boat load of trade bait which is nice since I'd love to acquire cards off my want list!


Daniel Wilson said...

Bob Hamelin was the 1994 AL Rookie of the Year. He was big time back in 1995.

TTG said...

Morris's lack of a mustache leads me to believe that's an untouched photograph.

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